[Release] Show position (for dev only)


First of all, I don’t know how to name that fucking script.

Hi my name is Piter Van Rujpen or Respow or TheGamerRespow, take the one that you prefer.

About a week ago I made a simple script to get the coordinates of a certain position and I know what you’ll tell me : “Bruhhh… Lamba Menu already does it”. But does the Lamba Menu gives you the heading and the radius of a marker, a marker that you can anywhere you want to get a precise position ? I don’t think so.

How to use it

Press “B” and then a blue marker will spawn right on you, the arrow will indicate the heading.
Press any arrow to move arround the marker.
Press “PAGE UP” and “PAGE DOWN” to change to height of the marker.
Press “'NUMPAD 4” and “NUMPAD 6” to rotate/change the heading of the marker.
Press “NUMPAD +” and “NUMPAD -” to change the radius of the marker.
Press “'ENTER” to save the position in the positions.txt file (this one is located in the server folder, and it will be always cleared when you restart the server).

You can also press “BACKSPACE” to cancel the process.

How to install it

Use your brain.




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