[Release] Shots Fired Notification



SetNewWaypoint(x, y)


Is it possible to put a percentage of chance to alert the police about the shots? (As if sometimes no one had heard the shots, then there would be no way to alert the cops).



To be honest, there’s a few things I’ve noticed so far (haven’t downloaded):

  • What happens if someone accidently shoots and the whole police force responds, it’ll be a waste of time to respond with only 1 shot. Maybe there could be some sort of priority system, so multiple shots fired would be like code red, high priority, whatever you use
  • If the shots fired are from Joshua RD which is a very large road, it will take the LEO ages to respond as they may be looking through by seaview road but in reality the shots could be down by Harmony.
  • How are the police added? Does the owner have to go in the resource to add the person? Wouldn’t it be easier for the FTO’s to add LEO: /addcop You could use aces permissions to let the FTO do this?

Just a few suggestions and thoughts, as I have previously mentioned that I haven’t downloaded this, it sounds cool but basic with the features. Anything that is already in but haven’t been mentioned in the features, I apologise, maybe you could add them?


Like any other police call, I’d imagine they’d dispatch is and assign the call to someone. TheFamilyRP uses this script (or something similar) and they do just fine. Usually just one or two cars respond, investigate, and go from there.


Is it possible to add to “policeskins” uniforms from esx_policejob? And how to do that? Just paste (for example) recruit.wear{}? I’m sorry but I’m totally new to making server, can anyone help me?


Compatible with ESX?


is there a way to make it so blips disappear after a while


there is better version of it (esx_outlaw) it has that feature^


thanks do i need anything with it to make it work cause i downloaded the outlaw but didnt work. Just wondering why im not sure.


how do i add to the CheckPolice function and check if they are a cop


What should I do to link to a VRP permission instead of a police skin?


ignore this post, srry


is there a gps location for shots fired, cuz it itsnt working?


heare in
ocal policeVehicles = {
could this be like ?
ocal policeVehicles = {


Nice if this worked for ESX police job.


Does the blips go away?


Don’t work for me, thats how i filled config file:

local policeVehicles = {