[Release] Server Restart Notification [1.0]



Server Restart Notification By FAXES

This resource is a simple chat message that will output a message (on command). The messages are simple look in the pictures section below for some screen shots.

This script has been requested to me 2 times via PM. So I made it as they wanted it.

Usage / Common Commands

/svrlist [Displays list of all commands]
/svr 5 [States 5 minutes till restart]
/svr 10 [States 10 minutes till restart]
/svr now [I will change this in future, but its states the server is restarting]

In the Download


None this is a standalone script as with all my resources.

The above is 2 messages


Place in your resources folder, just like any other resource.

Further Support
If you have any issues, comments or suggestions please put them below. :mascot:


It works perfect :slight_smile:
Would be great if somehow it worked with cron in esx so it will send this automatic


Is it permission-based?
it looks too similar to HSG, but nice anyway


That just wouldn’t work unless you had some timer that does it all automatically.


true it would be so much better so you dont need to write.


It’s possible, for my server, it is restarted at midnight automatically. What I could do is set up a timer, so 30 mins before midnight, 11:30pm, a message will display in chat saying “Restart in 30 minutes” then just to count down, but it’s just not needed as our community knows and understand that the server restarts every midnight.


I don’t work or code with any sorts of frameworks. Although this is probably possible, I’m not going to do it. Feel free to modify it to your liking.

Not yet. I might add in the future along with my AOP script.

The message format is based off of my AOP script which is somewhat based off of HSG.

I may add a timer in the future, depending of how it would work.


Suggestion: allow the script to restart via a command? So… /svr 5 will restart the server in 5 minutes, 30 seconds before the server restarts, the /svr now will print, restarting now then the script will just restart? It’ll probably have to be done with a .bat and to edit the file location, not many people like .bat’s kek


Yeah, I probs won’t make it a restart script itself. I will probs make a timer though.


You could use my priority cooldown script as a base, for the timer that is.


Is it going to restart the server as well or it just gives the notification?


is there a way of when the server is restarting and they want to join it says server is restarting please wait


This is a simple chat message. And I don’t plan to make it restart the server.


Ok cool mate,thanks its a nice script btw :wink:


It’s a nice release but instead of having it /svr 5 or 10 you should just make it /svr number