[Release] Server Moderator / Admin / Admin Ped



Hello FiveM members! Today I bring to you an Admin, Moderator, and Owner PED for ingame.

This is based off of [Release][New] Admin/Mod Ped without the rules that he is trying to impose.
(I do have permission to reupload this)


The peds are attached to rarely used models
(Trafifc Warden (IG) for owner) and (Dock Worker) (the second one) for the moderator and admin ped.

To get the vest on the admin/moderator ped just randomize your skin textures.

Some screenshots:

Owner Ped

Owner Ped:

Admin ped

Admin Ped:

Moderator Ped

Moderator Ped:



Admin/Mod PED
Make a Admin ped to a add-on ped
Admin/Mod PED

Also yes, I did make a blank discord for support. No moderation will be provided there.


I like what you did with the Admin and Moderator Peds, that is a great idea and props to you!


Yea because as owners and admins we work hard


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I’m sorry do you want me to show the PMs also I was saying a good thing but nope thank god I dont show the pms because they would be scared


where not in your post that’s for sure


This is the 2nd release of a staff ped and they look so similar xD


@J.Manlet Thats because they are the same vest, different peds though. The other one replaces the police uniform for some stupid reason.


Stop saying everyone is stupid when your the one that pmed me to use it


Now normal civs can’t be workers because of some stupid reason


Ohh nice RP drama.
Lets keep this off this forum, thanks :mascot:

If you don’t like a resource, don’t use it. No need to go :fire: in the comments ktnx :slight_smile:


Glad to see the success this had! Hope everyone has been enjoying it!


Stay tuned for me to make these addons.