[Release] Server Meetings | Silence Players | TP Players Back


[Release] Server Meetings


Host server meetings without any interruptions!

With this resource you can:

  • Start Meetings
  • Stop Meetings
  • Automatically teleport players to a preset coordinate for the meeting
  • Add/Remove Permissions for those with Access to the resource.
  • Disable players’ ability to talk during a meeting! – Note: Voice Activated Chat may not be disabled.
  • Teleport Players back to the position they were in before the meeting began after stopping it.



  • /meeting start [seconds] – starts a meeting in a certain amount of seconds.
  • /meeting stop – stops a meeting and returns everyone to their last known location before the meeting.


Use the following lines in order to use ACE Permissions.
(NOTE: If this does not work, use the config.lua to insert your player’s hexes and such.)

  • add_ace group.admin clark.meeting allow – Allows Admins to begin and end meetings.
  • add_principal identifier.steam:110000114192c42 group.admin – Adds me to the Admin Group

Download (v2.0):

(P.S. I need my testing group on discord back, any elements that can help would be greatly appreciated.)


~ @LanceGood :mascot:
~ @SkyCrankTon :mascot:
~ Mitchal01 :mascot:


nice! Does it work? Just wanted to be the first comment!



I would have definitely released this if it didn’t work but unfortunately it does work so I shall remove it.


lol! I know you! 20 char


LMAO! Great work! Definitally going to use this!


Really? Where do you know me?!


Whats the point though? Why would you have a meeting in a game when people would want to play and have fun?




Just Joking! Lol-----


If you moderate a public PoliceRP server you will understand why :frowning:


Oh I just watched this video! Lol, nice work! Will be sure to use it!


Fucking sexy <3 Honestly LOVE it!!!


Update v1.1 has been released, Please click on the link on the release post.


Just because I make something for your server doesn’t mean you made it.

Now stop trying to stir trouble on the thread.

Also if you watch the video, it clearly works!

(Also TXDPS uses this so you are wrong :blush:)


Streamable doesn’t seem to want to load :frowning:



Why not just use ACE perms?


Because when I do it’s completely wacky.

If you want you can help me.

I do this in a server event that is triggered from the client (and yes it runs the event):

if IsPlayerAceAllowed(source, “meeting”) then
Trigger the event that shields them from the wrath of god.

Then I allow the user through ace to have the perms to meeting.


and how did you add the player in the config?


Through hex, steamid, and licenses.