[Release] Server Admin PED


Everyone has been asking for a server admin ped so i decided to give the one i used to use for my server to you guys. its me giving back for all the hard work everyone has put into making scripts and the help this community has provided to me Server Admin PedThe skin is put under custompeds file and can be put on with armoured van security 2. Have fun administering!! Pictures https://gyazo.com/df8d49e8c051787756cf3c661521c457, https://gyazo.com/dc32ac4ac789e443bc68ceeafd10d9cd
Direct Download Below
Serveradminped.zip (1.9 MB)

Admin/Mod PED

Pictures Please it would be nice


Edited the post it now has pictures


It is the files for the ped you will need to put the ped files into the custompeds folder or wherever you have your streamed custom peds





There’s no specifications on what a release does and doesn’t have to contain (that I’ve seen). Most scripts/things are ready to just drag-and-drop, though. It’s obviously up to the author.


i having some issues with the script.


did you check your spelling?.. If that is not it i am not sure. I use menus on my server. So if that is not it i have no clue.


Why did u delete it can u repost it


Let Me check on that


Fixed the download, now there is two download options! Also minor changes to the Ped itself