[Release] Security Cams


Actually numpad 4 and numpad 6


I was just guessing :man_shrugging: I haven’t looked at this code since the last update.

Actually mine is NOT numpad 4 or 6… Its WASD


Oh well, then I might have changed the buttons for that then :wink:


Love it! <3
+1 Dude, and +1 for always making some awesome releases.
This i just a question, but is it possible to add zoom, so you can zoom with the camera you selected? :slight_smile:


You can but I wouldn’t know how to rn as I haven’t looked at this code in a long time.


Btw @xander1998 you should look at your code. I think that if you go into the cameras, the ms goes up to 6ms from 0.03. I fixed that for my own version of the script, but you should take a look at your script. Use resmon 1 in F8 console to see ms


I have know about it just have been busy enough to not even wanna mess with it.

I know about the resource monitor.


How would I be able to apply a “scan” feature to this script to detect if a player is within a camera view and then apply a blip on the camera screen to where the player was last detected? (similar to rainbow six camera scan) Awaiting your replies, thanks :slight_smile:


Is it possible to make it that it works for a specific job not a specific ped?


Use my ESX version. It’s linked in the main post!


I use fx


I use fx


Does anyone have the Route 68 bank made already?


Nice relaese!
How can i add more menu options to setup more locations? I like to add the cardealer end some street cams but i seems to get no third menu option when opening the menu at the police station.


Hi, I would like to enter the marker in the right-hand corner of the screen. Press E to open if someone pointed to a linike in which it must be done?


What are you trying to say?


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Enter the marker and display this [‘marker hint’] = ‘Press ~ INPUT_CONTEXT ~ to view ~ g ~ Monitoring ~ s ~’,


In which line of code you should enter to display it


look at line 32 in client and you will find something similar