[Release] Scaleform player list


So, me and @IllusiveTea have been messing around with scaleforms and I’ve managed to create a player list with it :tada:.

So, that’s what this is… A player list built with scaleforms.

To open it, hold down your INPUT_PHONE button (default Arrow Up). To see the other pages, use the INPUT_PHONE_RIGHT and INPUT_PHONE_LEFT buttons (default Arrow Left and Arrow Right).


  • Pagination system
  • Colours based on names
  • Navigation with phone controls




Seriously, if you don’t know how to install resources by now, you should really re-think your life… Just extract the files into their own folder, add it to the server.cfg and boom :boom:, you’re done. If you want to use this over the default scoreboard, comment out the original one in the CFG file…

A list.. For those who like lists
  • Download the resource
  • Extract the Lua files into their own file (e.g. “fivem-playerlist”)
  • Add it to the server.cfg (start fivem-playerlist)
  • Start your server
  • (Optional) Comment out the default scoreboard (just add a #, e.g. #start scoreboard)


You can download the ZIP file here.

If you want to contribute or just want to see how it’s done, mosey on over to the Github repo.


My OCD is going crazy with the uneven spacing between the rows


same XD 20 characters limitt btw


Why are the dividers mis-matched?


I was curious as to if that was intentional or some sort of overlooked grouping feature lol


I have no idea… It’s probably because of the way I’m adding the players to the list. I’m using the “ADD_SLOT” function which, shouldn’t mess with the alignment :confused: I tried to get “ADD_DATA_SLOT” to work (might be better for this sort of thing) but, I couldn’t :frowning:

I hope it’s the game’s fault and not mine… It’s probably mine though :stuck_out_tongue:


PROBABLY? You mean definitely. Gosh, Havoc. Ultimate trash-resource-releaser 2k17. Jokes… lol :smile:


inb4 havoc leaves the community cause of this resource causing him too much stress cause people keep asking him for help aligning the player list xdxdxd


There we go, I fixed it covered it up… ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re supposed to fix your problems. Not hide them. :blush:


Is it possible you can show me how to move it to middle of the screen?


@vizzra, you’d want to change this line:

DrawScaleformMovie(scaleform, 0.13, 0.36, 0.25, 0.7, 255, 255, 255, 255)

Alternatively, @Havoc could have an option for which corner of the screen to show the menu in and auto-change the values depending on the config option. (coughfeature requestcough)


Ppppfffftttt… You call that a feature request? Didn’t even take a minute :stuck_out_tongue:

Download the latest version (just download the ZIP again) and, make sure you change the “x” in “conf”.

local conf = {
    x = "center", -- "left","right", center
    y = 0.36, -- Change to what you want (maximum value should be 0.65, otherwise you will have to change "playersPerPage")

    left = 0.13,
    right = 0.85, -- looks about right for the width used.
    center = 0.5


You’re welcome :wink:


Thank you so much!
I appreciate it


Is it posible to add, so there is a line, on there where you can see how many is on the server? Like Online: 20/32 example.


How do I change the color of all the text?


How can i change the controls of it ? Cuz when i want to go up in los santos customs, that keeps popping up