[ RELEASE ] Reserved Spot for Admins


All this script does is to pick a random player to kick once a whitelisted person joins.

Adjust line 15 and 16 for the number of players you have!

This release was requested : HERE!

  • Whitelisted people
  • Randomized kicking feature made with the most complex math that is out there!
  • @louie904 for giving me the basic ground base to work with

Download here at Github: https://github.com/Woopeh/join-whitelist

I will not update this script any further, this comes the way it is.
If you feel like modifying it the way you want too, go ahead. Do not release anything without my permission!


I wouldn’t call it “reserved” as it still fills the slots, however good script anyways.


Thanks you Man
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Nicely Done! Very simple, but powerful!


Great script @Woopi ,
Wondering if you can do the kick only users not defined in permission, rather than a random person?


Or just kick the user that has the highest MS (ping) on the serwer :slight_smile:


That is not the purpose off this script, i only did this because a person requested it.

It is made to let a admin in the server if the server is full.


Seems pretty sound. Great work.


It’s a great release for some servers but I think it would be even more appreciated if you made it working together with es_admin2.

Best regards


but what if it kicks another admin?!?


Why would you take a resource that needs no dependencies and make it require es_admin2? What benefit would there even be? This works fine regardless of the frameworks or admin utilities being used.


there i updated the post so they know that i will not edit this script


pretty nice!!!



It would be simple enough just check if a player is in a table if they are don’t do anything, if they aren’t drop them.


Overall this is a great script. The only problems I’ve seen are when the server is 34 or 35/32 (people spam joining) someone gets kicked and the spot is taken by the next person (not necessarily the admin). Also it seems to kick the same person over and over again (we had one guy kicked 3 times in a row). Helpful though nonetheless.


you can modify it the way you want, it was more off just a small script that was requested


Just laying out there that is it true that even tho it choose between 1 and 32 it always choose the same person and it’s not random



  • Fixed the only kicking the same player issue

let me know if there are any other major bugs that needs fixing!


There is an error in your script on line 23

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