[Release] Realistic Vehicle Failure



yeah like honestly i love using this for RP, it helps make sure people rp accordingly, cant wait for next update. and those goals are exactly how i would want as well.


The ELS problem is a vehicle update problem. I’ve seen it before.


Ok got it working to if your not close to mechanic the normal notification displays and if close to mechanic states you need to wait 15 seconds. Please note that even if not near mechanic you’ll have to wait 15 seconds for temp fix the car.
RealisticVehicleFailure.zip (12.2 KB)


is this normal Every time i go to play on fivem the tire pops i know there a percent of it will pop but is it normal?


Just diable the feature


Hey ! First, really GREAT script ! that’s pretty good and i (and my players) like the feature !
We use it on Dunko’s vRP framework, do you think it’s possible to “synchronise” the damages (or at least a part of them) in database via garage system ? Cuz most crash/reconnect/garage recover vehicule heal. I would like to find a way to “keep” a part of those damages on database to interact more with mecanics !
Any clue ? :slight_smile:


Current update seems to have messed this beauty up, for the extent that it’s only allowing me access to 1x repair per unit.


It means you should An Hero yourself for even coming up with the idea of adding this bullshit to your mod, it’s the #1 reason I instantly alt-f4 95% of the FiveReborn servers I join.


I would like to see you make this script…


Don’t care about the RVF part, I care about the Sunday Driver option. It’s bloat and totally unnecessary in a mod like FiveReborn.


Then disable it in the config and don’t bring your personal problems over to the forums. You should appreciate anything a mod creator makes. I think it’s a nice touch…


I do believe Sunday driver is a separate script.


Yes but it is also included in this one :wink: (Configurable)


It’s people like you and the other entitled idiots crapping on me via email or pm, that has made me lose interest in improving this mod or creating new ones.

Oh, and please learn to read. I’m not forcing my bullshit on anyone:

To all the nice and supportive people: thank you.
The script is open source. You are free to make and release your own improved versions. All I ask is that you don’t remove my credit from the source code.


You make great scripts dude :wink: Do not let the minority persuade you that you don’t.


This is a great mod, people just attack creator without thinking because they doesn’t know how much time do you need to improve things, and you do this for free. Don’t listen them, it’s just a waste of time. As I said is a great mod.


@Scott_UK @DrMagus5 I totally agree. Creator make that for free and people think that since its been release they have the right to bash creator. It’s really sad to not see people appreciate what they have and if they don’t like it, they can always try to modify it to their liking. Their is a lot of tutorial and key on this forum. Their is always someone willing to help you get in the right direction. You just gotta be patient but nowadays people wants stuff right now and no waiting and once they have it they don’t even say thanks or like. Disappointing really.


I really enjoy this script and i have been using it for some time on a server now. but since we want to keep the trainer ingame we have a small problem. some people. it doesn’t happen often but some ppl just use the trainer for repair. Does anyone know if it is possible to block that feature and how it is done. i have no idea where to start if i want to block it. i have been thinking about using a server sided trainer but the problem here is that a lot of ppl have many pages of saved vehicles and skins saved.


Hey, I’m getting an error about check whitelist. It was marked true so I set it to false.

A restart should fix that where everyone can repair like normal, correct?


Hey sir, i’m getting a bug since the new update for fivem, so if i smash the car to the point where i can’t fix it anymore even if i fix the car with a trainer after that i can only hit it one more time and it shows the notification that i can’t fix it anymore xD