[Release] Realistic Vehicle Failure



So the vehicle is now taking damage but /repair is not fixing it? It is giving no messages what so ever?



Its working but if i typ /repair in chat nothing comes up. (i get the message that its repaird it works)
but i get a message in chat SYSTEM: repair is not a valid command!

how to fix this?


This script is frankly well done and thought but it causes big drops of fps. It can be seen with the command resmon 1. Too many calculations in the citizen loop. With an optimization, it will be a simple wonder.


Is there a way to disable the repair function so I can use a different script?


Has anyone or the owner found or know a way to add a simple function that removes x amount of money from your cash if you type /repair at a mechanic?


Since the last update of essentialmode, it stopped working. I have an esx server and before it worked perfectly. Any way to fix it?


same there


How can i get [Release] Engine ON/OFF Toggle to work with this script?


Does it look like the default damage or does it look better than normal?


Hmm, how do I make it so I don’t need to fully stop the car before holding W to drive forwards? Really do not like this feature.


In the I believe server lua file just disable Sunday driver


Honestly I’m not even sure if the damage side to this script does anything. Cars just never seem to break.

EDIT: Works perfectly now, it was another script that was interacting with it called vehiclehealth.


Does anyone else have a problem where you crash into something and the car break but then turns back on?


Are you using a police vehicle with els?


No its every single car


Then potentially you have vehicle god mode enabled, or a script that is constantly repairing your vehicle?


Definitley Not Vehicle Godmode, And I Cant Think Of Another Script On My Server That Would Repair The Car.


2 part question to help better determine the issue. One, when you wreck the vehicle are you sustaining damage to the vehicle that stays but engine turns back on? And two, do you have your server set up with the essential mod?


yes the whole car breaks, the engine shuts off, then turns back on. Im not sure what you mean in question 2 but probably not.


If you don’t know then most likely you don’t have essential mod. Follow up question do you use a mod to turn the engine on or off? And are you able to remove other mods and use just this one on it’s own to see if it still behaves the same way?