[Release] Realistic Vehicle Failure



Is there a way to disable the damage hud on the right ?


Where is download link?


I cant find those (local damagefactor and local cascadingFailureSpeedFactor)


To help with the roleplay of having to wait for the mechanic to fix your car, I added a 15 sec wait to the resource in my server but here is my question, would it be possible to make it where if you have more damage, it would take longer to repair.

Now My idea on this is a simple as taking the Max vehicle health (1000) and subtracting the current vehicle health from it. That would look something like (1000- (currentvehHealth)). That would then give you a number. So if you vehicle health is 950 when you type “/repair” at the mechanic shop then the number is 50.

Now we need to turn that into seconds. a way you can do this is by taking a percentage of that number and getting a smaller one. So lets just take 10% of that 50 that we got from the vehicle damage and now we have a 5.

The final part to this would be making that 5 into 5 sec which we can do by multiplying that 5 by 1000 to get 5000 milliseconds. You can stop that in a variable and put a wait command in for Wait(vehdamagetime) so that it would update each time someone does “repair”.

The reason I am asking for help is so someone can explain to me how to get the current vehicle health from in game so that I can perform that math above.


Hey thanks and please make SundayDriver - Toggleble :frowning: with button press


This mod is fantastic! Does this have the feature that I need to enable in the config to show the engine health above the minimap. Or does anyone know what other mod I need to add for this? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.enginehealth


I love this idea, but what would i put the damage setting to because it takes a minute to actually turn yellow indicating damage even though the car is completely destroyed.


Hey, above your minimap you have the engine health text that is yellow. Is that another addon you have or is it supposed to be with this mod?


So uh… I’m assuming this doesn’t work for singleplayer…?


Look for a Car Hud. There are a few on the forum here that have the engine health built in


Funny you mention that, I just recently found a nice car HUD like what I pictured previously. It does not include a vehicle health mod but I coupled it with this one and it works perfect for my needs.


Can this be used on a esx based server?


Yes it can. Been using this for some time.


Thank you. Much appreciated.


thats for fuel. frfuel is the resource name


When I put this script in the server, when I crash into something the car turns off then back on. Is there a way to fix that?


To me it seems as if you may have another mod that is interfering with it. Try disabling all other mods and running this one only and see if it still does it. If it does then I am not sure what it could be.


I guess in my delirium of not having slept I misspoke I meant to ask about the car hud above the fuel indicator. But i have since found the car hud mod and implemented it on my server. Thanks anyway!


Already Tried That And It Still Did The Same Thing… :frowning:


Ok so I got the damage to work but now whenever I type “/repair” in chat then nothing happens.