[Release] Realistic Vehicle Failure



the mod seems to of stopped working on my server. i still get all the mechanics icons but the vehicles no longer die after taking a massive hit


Is there a way to disable /repair ?


how do I leave the engine off when using the command to repair the vehicle and wanted to know how do I change the rage that can use the command to repair the vehicle in mechanics I want to leave a rage smaller to be able to execute the command


Realistic Vehicle Failure not work.

how to fix?


hello !
thanks for Realistic Vehicle Failure

the only think i got to switch off is a tyre burst because to fix tyre mecanic need to fix whole car
maybe someone can make script with item for fixing only tyres ?
that will be awesom
i cant do my self with my level of lua :frowning:


Has anyone ever had this problem? Figured it was the “limp mode”, however it’s disabled and I can’t seem to figure out what it is, or what’s causing it.


I have been digging for quite awhile, and I have the latest server updates, updated RVF script, latest ELS-FiveM script, no other vehicle scripts. But NONE of the ELS Cars take any damage at all while Lights are on. If I turn them off they damage out, but wondering if this is something I am over looking. I have reached out to ELS-FiveM Mr Dagree or w.e his name is he says its a FiveM Sync issue?


Try ELS+ by Dex++. It takes a bit to convert from one to the other. (Yours uses a config file whereas ELS+ uses a line in the resource.lua) but imo its worth the move.

I had the same issues prior to switching.

Edit: cancel that recommendation. Just saw on their discord that Dex++ has stopped development of ELS+… Fantastic… Guess I shall join you in flappy door land…


Yeah I am having some people look into maybe working on something to develop.


It’s because when the native to add and remove an extra is used, it fixes the vehicle.


It would be amazing if we can figure out a way to get it working. I think the entire community would be in love!


It’s a FiveM “problem” but it’s not a problem it’s just an issue with the specific script, no fix :frowning:


Hey I love the idea behind this plugin but for some reason it’s over riding some how the fact we turn off a car and set it to undriveable

When I have you mod installed and others it over rides my mods commands of
SetVehicleEngineOn(vehid, false, true, false);
SetVehicleUndriveable(vehid, true);

The car start’s right back up again for no reason at all, is there a setting I need to change or include in my mod to override this?

[Release]DUFX I added a very hacky work around for now in but if you download and test it with you will see what I mean, thanks.


Add this commented out line to fix the engine constantly being on. Line 332:

if healthEngineCurrent > cfg.engineSafeGuard+1 then
– SetVehicleUndriveable(vehicle,false)


Hello I was wondering how you can rapair your car when not near a mechanic and it will always fix it a little bit. So basically I don’t want it to say your vehicle is not repairable if I could do that. But I still want it to fix just a little bit not all the way.


this worked for me to make my engine toggle work properly. No more auto start up. However, the engine is now unbreakable. No matter how much damage, it always stays on and has some power. I degraded the torque so it is really hard to move, but it does still run. Just information


Never mind I think I figured it out!!


What about damage from fire (molotov)?


Is it possible to add a fire time to this script, to make vehicles burning for minutes when broken?


sorry sir jens_s. I’ve a server and I installed your mod but I wana that vehicle set on fire when they get 0 dmgpoint but I not understend how I can do this so I’m asking u help