[Release] Real Life Shader (Server Side) 2.0 (Updated 1/17/19)


Hey everyone! I have been messing around with some projects that involve things like this script so i just wanted to share it with you guys! Anyways enjoy!

Requirements: FX Server

Download: here

Showcase Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrxKcQdQIqE

Update 2.0 – New Shader and new intensity


More videos and picture soon


so is this a serverside graphics mod? what is this need more detail?


Its not really a graphics mod, its just applying a shader. Like ENB in a way. Its literally three lines of code. Not much to really explain.


Ok thank you for the detail on the resource. Good release


A side by side comparison would be much appreciated because I don’t really see any difference.


This was my personal configuration. You are able to set the intensity of the shader up to 2.0


Ah okay, mind showing different settings of the shader just fora better understanding of what it can actually do? Much obliged.


https://pastebin.com/kVPwMemE You can find a bunch of different filters to play around with they are all different and wonky. For configuration all there is intensity scaling.


Hmm not bad, I’ll definitely download it tomorrow and check it out.


good job m8 btw please update the post with more info and a FAQ or add a small tutorial for the new people that only read the OP and not the comments


How will this be for players with lower-end PC’s?


Shouldn’t cause any performance loss.