[RELEASE] Real AI Traffic 1.0



Yes, custom handling doesnt affect the AI driving.


you should do that everytime you restart or download a new script


Think you need to look more in to this.

Because in the handling file there is a AI section for drivers, so it actually changes things.


you do realize that post was one month ago right…


yes i do, i just like to react


No I don’t, I have a handling script that works well with this. If you add a custom vehicle handling such a dominator custom handling it will work.


So does this work if I already have a handling.meta in my assets folder? I was under the impression you could only have 1 handling.meta streamed


currently only police cars will be able to block off traffic. how can this be extended to other emergency vehicles such as ambulances?


With the post above in mind, is there a way to modify the behavior so any car that blocks the traffic, “keeps it calm”? I would love to be able to block of traffic with a bunch of addon cop cars and as well with Fire/EMS vehicles.