[Release] Ragdoll when shot v2.0


Does anyone have a script like this but fully working?


ill make one it will be a few days though because im working on alot rn. :ok_hand:


Nice :wink: I’m looking forward to it.


Ich rewrote it from Scratch, much credits to throwarray where I got a lot of the Code. This version only triggers Ragdoll when you are shot in the Leg

damageragdollv2.zip (1.3 KB)


Dude release that shit. Good work!
People have been requesting a working rag doll script for ages


Thank you so much!


What line do I edit the time that they ragdoll for?


Line 65, Change the 5000 to what ever you want :slight_smile: (it is in MS, so 5000=5 seconds)


Okay thanks.