[Release] PTTPoliceRadio



It´s possible to make it work with fireman ?


If they got the walkie talkie on their shoulder that might be working


Can I get a link to the PTT sounds you used?


kinda like how hiram did?


Has anyone managed to use this animation action when pulling the gun?
using the PTTPoliceRadio

Pull Out Strap
for exemplo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R6tTZNB2Cs


is it possible to have all Civs do an animation so that they get a time delay when taking out a weapon?


Anyone know why the animation stops while holding down the key?


Are you going to make it like CopHolster where he draws the tazer from the left side? ((:
I’ve messed around with it myself, but no luck yet :frowning: