[Release] PTTPoliceRadio



It´s possible to make it work with fireman ?


If they got the walkie talkie on their shoulder that might be working


Can I get a link to the PTT sounds you used?


kinda like how hiram did?


Has anyone managed to use this animation action when pulling the gun?
using the PTTPoliceRadio

Pull Out Strap
for exemplo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R6tTZNB2Cs

[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)

is it possible to have all Civs do an animation so that they get a time delay when taking out a weapon?


Anyone know why the animation stops while holding down the key?


Are you going to make it like CopHolster where he draws the tazer from the left side? ((:
I’ve messed around with it myself, but no luck yet :frowning:


All my peds that have leg holsters as on option are stuck with regular hip holsters and I cant change it, does anyone know a fix?


Any easy way to modify the script to where you only have to press the key once for hand on holster, and then press again to take hand off holster? Any guidance would be appreciated.


did you find out why?


Can someone help me I run a server with this script in. The issue is that when doing any of the animations they stop doing them after a few seconds so you hold your radio then it goes back to not doing it. does anyone know how to fix


I think it might be because of a new version which borked
If anyone has any previous version send it!!


Yeah has it been doing the same to you too I have been trying to see why


Hello, can someone explain how to configurate it? When I hold ALT, animation and sound doesn’t work but weapon holster works perfectly. What is problem and how to solve it?


Hey, you know how to do that while lspd says on the radio it was also in the game? I mean, like some ALT, it’s also to automatically click “N” the default button for voice chat, or to call some function to hear what it says. Because it is weird as you can see the animations and you can not hear it in the game for other people.


Do the same as other tutorials, but still nice act under the meal altim changed to M also does not work


help me to have a problem doing what is on the guides and then nothing


Hi Denziel, is there a way to set the animation that puts youre hand to the holster, so when i press " Z " so it stays there permanent until i press Z Again? I dont really want to have to press it all the time. and its glitchy aswell.


@Deziel0495 How can i make the animation work for vrp_skinshop like when i buy uniform from here it work on them. I tried it and it only worked for the peds