[Release] pTracker - Playtime & Last seen & Leaderboard


Hello everyone, I’m releasing a lite version of my “player stats” script.

Currently, this version provides three features: getting the total play time, a leaderboard and the last connection date of a player.
I managed to make this script standalone and compatible with all “gamemode” so it will work everywhere with all resources.

The only resource required is “hardcap”, actually the script needs an event that is triggered when a player is successfully connected.





  • /time [hex or player’s name or nothing for you] -> Get the total play time on the server.
  • /seen [hex or player’s name or nothing for you] -> Get the last connecting date.
  • /leaderboard -> Get the playtime leaderboard.

Download on Github

For developpers

I strongly suggest to convert the current “storage” system to MySQL if you wanna make cool things. I am too lazy to make a version for all MySQL resources.

Otherwise, you can grab the “tracked data” by using LoadResourceFile to get the content of data/trackedData.json.

You can also put sv_stats and the data folder in another resource it should work.

Next features
  • Discord bot
  • Dormant account check
Cool things you can do with a discord bot




hmm soo cool

Thanks dude



Very nice job bro :slight_smile: Merci pour le partage !


Salut, merci pour le partage pichot


JSON database… Why not SQL


Because people use GHMattiMySQL or MySQL-async or essentialmode’s sql


Long time i search for something like this, take it, install it, love it! thx!

There is an error:

return string.format( "%02iw


return string.format( "%02is


Fixed, thank you
weeks :smirk:


Does this deal well with server restarts while players are online?





It is “standalone” :blush: