[RELEASE] Program-casino, a casino pack for fivem esx servers


Hi today ill release scripts for Casino

This pack include slotmachines, job script and blackjack game

Blackjack required 3 players (2 players and croupier)
Every money witch players wins in blackjack or slots is getting from casino account but if players lose money it will be added to casino account

Every bugs pls report there or in github issues

I have not included the map file, u have install yours, after GTA ONLINE casino dlc update for fivem ill reconfigure its for this map.


Starting Blackjack (as croupier)

Playing Blackjack (as player)


Worker menu (boss actions as last option) - i will upgrade it

Teleport menu/enter casino - [there is 4 options, 3 ticets and one worker enter]

If u buy platinium ticket u can play the blackjack by normal money or black money (u will pick one)


screenshots where?

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Wait, im joining and will take some screens, but remember i have not included the map there

Screenshots would be neat :wink:
Also, you should say that you’re actually not using the native slot-machines/blackjack tables from the Casion DLC, and that instead you’re using NUI :slight_smile:

Thanks, ill make Screens and write that im using NUI, have u native for slot-machines or smthg?

Since decompiled scripts from 1734 aren’t released, and that FiveM don’t use 1734 actually, no, no one have these.
But a lot of people are waiting for decompiled scripts to make them work in FiveM :slight_smile:

Omg is aesome !!!
Just you can translate in english ? (Or french if you want ahah English is ok also) Because i dont speak pl xDD

I have no lang files, its my bad.
Also u can use translator or something now, but in 1 day ill translate to ENG

I’m really hoping Rockstar put something good within native scripts that’ll be useful. They already ticked me off over that useless weapon within the update :unamused: its just a reskin of the sticky bomb & will most likely be a timed bomb

Thanks dude, you’re just awesome ! And very nice job !

Where i can find casino ymap?

for example https://pl.gta5-mods.com/maps/sasino-interior
On my server i edited this and fixed this interior floor etc

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[ERR] INSERT INTO addon_account (name, label, shared)


This is the Diamond casino


Cannot find cordinates

edit:found cordinates but so much fps drops…

Delete from program-casino.sql line with
INSERT INTO ‘addon_account’

GG men good job !

Thank you good man, awesome, great job, thanks a lot.
Any more mapping that you want to share?

This is really good, but any particular order we should start the resources? cz there are some invisible walls outside

Hello, is it possible to put several blackjack table? If yes, how ?