[Release] PrisonFive | Prison Interior



This is an interior that I found somewhere on gta5-mods dot com however it totally didn’t work in FiveM and took many hours to fix and perfect. Although it still isn’t perfect it works.


  1. Drag & Drop the resource folder into your resources
  2. Append the folder name to your resource list of your server configuration
  3. Go to the prison and press E at doors or just noclip into a few buildings.


git: https://github.com/kanersps/es_prisonfive_map


Contact: https://kanersps.pw/

Invisible Wall at PD

screenshots? would be nice


So is it a game mode or just an interior?


The gamemode was lost due to a drive failing and never uploading it everywhere. Only the interior was uploaded ages ago.


I see.


Screenshots would be great. Also, you should probably link the source of where you “found” the interiors on GTA5-Mods.


Do you plan to finish your server anyway?
It was pretty fun.


Losing all progress on it is a bit frustrating, maybe if I get the motivation. Otherwise you’re free to do yourself with the ideas that came up and this map.


Thank you so much for bringing this to us! Here are a few screenshots including one of the entrance.


This is creating a blank wall on DP just for me?


https://youtu.be/RcgFhmrgqAc LUL




Same here just found out that this mod stopped me from getting into the Mission Row PD due to the invisible wall.


Yeah, I am seeing the same weird wall thing at the doors of the mission row PD in LS

other than that, it’s an awesome release! really makes the prison come to life!


If you’d like it fixed, find the object that’s wrongly placed in the map.lua file.


Do you mind telling what kind of object that blocks the PD dorway please? :slight_smile:
ITs a damn awesome script and a damn good job, i wanna use it properly but i would like to know how to open that door again… If not, i can just use a teleporter :slight_smile:


I’m also having the same problem !! Does anyone have a preview of the DP wall BUG fix ???


A great release but pretty useless until someone finds the invisible wall at mission row. Yes the fix is removing it in map.lua but with over 1030 objects its no easy fix finding it


I agree, lets hope the maker see this and tell us how to fix it.


It’s lines 706-713 in map.lua, tab them out and everything should be okay, I haven’t fully tested it though.