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Name: Military Roleplay


Military Roleplay in video games began in Arma, Started up on “Garry’s Mod”, and now it will begin it’s journey here on FiveM! In this gamemode, You have allies who fight alongside your faction against the enemies of your faction. Hopefully this gamemode cuts out the “MilitaryRP” Groups on City Roleplay servers :mascot:.


Readme and Credits:

Trailer and Images:

Trailer (Originally Made by https://www.youtube.com/user/robviguurs99):

Map (Factions by Default are: US, UK, RF, CN):


Vehicle Spawn Menu:

Aircraft Spawner:


United States: Army

United Kingdom: Army

Russian Federation: Army

China: People’s Liberation Army

Any ideas for this revolutionary gamemode please let me know! ~Lance :mascot:

[Preview] [Powered by ESX] [Gamemode] Project MilitaryRP [RELEASE DATE: 2/25/18]
[Release] [MilitaryRP] - Faction Comms Chat Commands
Looking for War-Themed Scripts and Mods
All the game modes that exist for FiveM

Will try it out!

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Thank you all for your Feedback!


Patch: v1.1

  • Fixed Vehicle and Aircraft Spawn Directions.


This is going to be EPIC! Real quick question though: I installed and server starts beautifully. However I do not see blips and cannot find locations for changing skins, spawning vehicles, weapons. All permissions set, commander of US Army, standing inside Ft Zancudo…cant find a thing. Did I do something wrong?


Did you go through the “Recruitment Center?”


Is that the spawn point? If so, no. Awesome I will start there. Thanks for the quick reply.


Yes it is the Spawn point (When you either die or join the server). And you are welcome!


So I left the server and came back but it spawns me at the skate park. I then killed myself and it spawned me in the mountains. I will find the location (i think) but thought you might like to know that it randomly spawns you.


I think you forgot a step.

Please confirm that you deleted “fivem-map-hipster”

and moved in the included “fivem-map-skater”


I did delete hipster and moved in your copy of skater.


Huh. :open_mouth:

Let me check, Thanks for reporting it!


Hey no worries. This is going to be awesome for my players.


OK so a friend spawned in, first time ever, on the little island the lake next to the racetrack


Ok; Since I just fresh installed my resource and worked, I believe this is on your end.

If you can, Please share me your server console’s logs.


After I restarted it seems to be working. Unsure as to what happened but it seems fine.


Oh alright; Welp thanks!


LanceGood could you send me your discord lik again, the one you sent has expired. Thanks man!