[Release] Police Interaction Script


i have this script fully working on mine RN working on new call outs events already fix the random events and more this this. fix the pull over part but still is a little buggy


mmm more call outs would be nice.


One thing I would love to see Incorporated with or into this script is a Coroner, P.I.S does allot but its Glitchy when a few cops are asking the script to work harder, Then we end up having to shoot everyone, and theres Bodies all over the place,It is GTA but it Feals wrong driving away with 10 bodies all over the place.


You can copy the /pt function or the /tow function, and edit some stuff, so instead of calling a police truck you can call a coroner. I created a “call backup unit” based on that.


Mustang is right^^^^^^


Be epic if you could fine AI on traffic stops and have the “paid tickets” go to ESX society for the dept.


ESX support will not be added, if it is it will be by a member of the community or the other developers.


I cant pull up the traffic stop menu when someone is stopped


Control+E is how you open it.


is this like LSPDFR on fivem?


Our best attempt to recreate it yes :slight_smile: