[Release] Police Interaction Script


if you mean this here you go: http://docs.fivem.net/game-references/controls/


Here is the one I have. I dont have the link for the different versions. But the one I have is bright enough.

visualsettings.rar (8.7 KB)

drop this into



Are you able to change it so it does not interfere with controller?


Change the key that’s in the config…


This looks like a great script I’m about to try it out. Out of curiosity do the AI ever get in pursuits or do they always pull over?


We were using it last night. We had pursuits and even AI jumping out of their vehicles shooting at us. Random road events. It’s basically the base LSPDFR without the the callouts.


Does it work with els?


Yes it does.
(20 char)


There are some callouts you can force to happen. :smiley: They just wont happen randomly


It just keeps getting better and better each day.


How do you force the callouts? I’ve been utilizing the script for 2 days now and the only thing I get is occasional pursuits. No shootings no callouts so I’m just curious how you’re able to Implement them into your game.


/callouts will bring up a menu. or you can do like /callout fight, /callout shoplift etc… look at the call_server.lua for the commands


@SolarFantom Thank you.


You bet…


I’m now a Patreon from Scotty :wink: nice work, I love it!

Question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=Br4yAb0Xfxc

Where we can find this please?


so I thought that the release itself looks a little lazy now with just a lot of text so I think you should add the trailer / images of the script itself.

Official Trailer:

Showcases / Tutorials



Looks sweet looks like u put some work into it


Cool script. Is there a way to adjust the menu? We’re using ESX, so it somewhat overlaps with the money, job, etc…


How to you call for back up it says " no peds selected" or something along those lines


How are you calling backup, do you mean prisoner transport? If so you need to have a ped cuffed.