[Release] Police Interaction Script


Do you use ELS or something? these sirens are too bright how so? mines too flat no matter what model I use


Using my controller to exit the Menus in my game , Results in kicking the shit out of the car I just pulled over. Any way I can change this? So far I love it, Would like to know more about the Callouts. Should be Script of the Year in my Book.


When you pull over people and cancel it they pulling a gun out and shooting you to death…


Gotta admit that’s the best Part.


Yeah please fix the bugs I love this! Nice work! Are there supposed to be any callouts yet? I am not receiving any? Thanks


You have to install a visualsettings.dat
If no one links it to you I’ll reply again with a link to the one I use(at work right now)


Amazing man! Once this is 110% bug free, watch it take off :fire:


actually i’ll start working to help fix these bugs so it’s complete :slight_smile:


i fixed mimic!

PIS.zip (35.7 KB)


Fixed /follow /book and /follow

PIS.zip (36.0 KB)


could u tru make Call Outs to this awesome script?


Hi guys if you join there discord which can be found here: *REMOVED* You can get updates and version 1.0.3!


how do you cuff ai after they are in the kneeling with hands behind head?
because x or e are not working


Try Pressing M and in the arresting category


no m only brings up the vmenu.


M key


no m only brings up the vmenu.


That’s not an issue with the script? You can change the key if you want :stuck_out_tongue:


I changed mine to 182 ( L ) open your config.lua


No one seem to link me, I’d be happy if you handle me the one you’re using