[Release] Police Garage


I have made a police garage for RP server

Police Garage.rar (4.6 KB)

1.Download the File
2.Put it in the resource folder
3.Write policegarage in citmp-server.yml

The sport is an add-on go download it there:

Go check my channel:

[HELP] Add new shop for cops
[Pre-Alpha] Tow Garage

i love your youtube channel very nice videos +1 follower


@KennethDev I didn’t think about it thank you


Hi super script but on the other hand I have the mod cop and my worries is the script you gave all the players can access
And I would like it to be that for the police what to do

Salut super script mais par contre j’ai le mod cop et mon soucis c’est le script que tu a donné tout les joueurs peuvent y accédé
et je voudrais que sa soit que pour le police que faut il faire


Wait for the next release of Cops FiveM


@xeniria I didn’t connect it with the job sytem, so I can’t do anything for that but you can still give ticket to player who steal vehicle.

[Help] Spawning Vehicle
[Help] Spawning Vehicle

How can we delete markers on the map? and change the position of the shop?


position is on "125"and blip is on “163”


@LFTeam this script is great! and can be customised to our needs very easily! Good job man. I have one request, im wondering how to make it so that its only enabled for police? I’m using the VRP framework link:([Release] vRP Framework), im quite new to lua coding, hope you can help me!


yea i would love this to hook in with VRP so much been looking for something like this to complete police on that framework

to OP - also nice speedometer care to share it too :smiley: ?


Add permission level


how would i go about doing that? @LFTeam
could you let me know


why is the vehshop_server file empty ?


Because its empty? You provably have a bad version of it


the file is zero kb’s in the rar … i dont think its a “bad version”


It is if the server file is empty, vehshop doesnt work without it


maybe you dont understand but THIS script has a vehshop_server.lua file that is zero kb’s , and the script still works … im wondering why the file is included and in the requirements in the resource file …


Because i didn’t add anything un it


In server.lua the permission


The server.lua is empty isnt it?
Sorry if this sounds dumb! Im still learning haha @LFTeam