if ( not IsDisabledControlPressed( 1, 51 ) and IsDisabledControlJustPressed( 1, 28 ) ) then

This will make it where you to press both…


Are there certain controls that you can use only in the car? I used that code and changed it to 36 & 38 per the controls document and its not working.

My code is:

if ( not IsDisabledControlPressed( 1, 36 ) and IsDisabledControlJustPressed( 1, 38 ) ) and IsPedInAnyPoliceVehicle(GetPlayerPed(-1)) then


  • added not in front of second IsDiabled… still failed.
  • Tried 132 (LEFT CTRL) + 80 ( R )… failed


how do you make it so, the ALPR saves the data if you exit or turn off your vehicle??


Is there a way I can change the Button from Numpad 5 to Ctrl M or something please?


hi, i would like to know how can i edit mph to kmh


@Brock70 How would i go about increasing the distance in the front?


How would i make the box appear in the middle left of my screen


There’s an editor somewhere in the releases, get the position from that and edit my script to the position you wish to have it


how to know the position of the display ?? I would also like to change it to put it in the middle :stuck_out_tongue: