Below I am releasing my ALPR system which I had made for a community I was working for. This is just the first version I made, as I had plans to make this work way more advanced, which warrant tracking, expired registrations, etc. This should work flawless for anyone who plans to use it. I’ll attach below some photos of its functionality.

Github Link: https://github.com/Abreezy70/BrockALPR
Just add “start BrockALPR” in your server.cfg

Anyone could modify this as they wish, just give credits if you plan on releasing, thank you.

Any questions or concerns please ask below and I’ll help as much as possible, should be working flawless though.

[Release] Radargun v1.0

Very nice :smiley: Looking good.


really nice, is there a way to move the box to the right corner?


Yes, just modify the position in the drawrect and drawadvancedtexts


sweet thanks, also be cool to make able to be toggled, i noticed after a bit it goes away, be cool to make it where the radar stays on until you turn it off manually


It always stays on unless you turn it off, or step out of your vehicle.


for me it disapears sometimes and i have to press 5 to get it to come back.


I ran this resource for about 2 months on an active server and never heard that happen before, could you explain what you are doing before it disappears?


just driving down the road with it on, it randomly goes away and i thought it was just because it hadnt picked up a car in a while, i drove up behind a car and it never came back up, i had to press 5 again.


Great addition! Appreciate it! Made a few minor changes to this such as key binds, text colours and removing the black background box.


A Bit Of Topic But Could U Send Me The Link To That Car Mate And Great Upload


I can’t remember where the original vehicle is from, it’s a 2016 charger though.


What Maker?
And Or Website?


This pack seems to have it.


No It Doesnt That CHP Pack


Yeah it has a charger, I made this texture myself its not available for download if that’s what you meant.


Yo that Car HUD around the mini-map looks super clean. Would kill for something like that. Great radar by the way! Should make my server a lot better for cops once they come around. :wink:


I love the script, it looks really good!
Thanks for sharing it ^^


May I edit & use this in my pack? With credit to you of course.


Of course, I love to see it being used.