[Release] [pNotify] VOIP System - Designed to Work With FamilyRP Style Voice


Credit to orginal creator :

Designed to work with my FamilyRP style Voice.

/voip whisper
/voip normal
/voip yell

[Release] FamilyRP Styled Voice Chat
[Beta] Menu Builder [UPDATE 24/02/2018]

There a resource already called pNotify i believe.

Just letting you know.


Yes, this is a VOIP System that uses pNotify. I am stating that having pNotify is a requirement for this to work.


Figured you were having it as a title but alright.


I hope you understand, that this is not volume, this how far you can hear. So yell/whisper/etc isn’t right.


Okay I guess I was suppose to have this all Alaina!!


? I don’t understand what you’re saying.


I get that it doesn’t change voice levels but when I changed the names for each level it only shows shout twice when pressing shift + h, trying to figure out why



hi man will this work and a FX server? would like the VOIP system if its possible