[Release] Player Knockout



Get KO’d with this script. If you’re in a fight then there will be a very high chance of being knocked out instead of dying.
By default, you get knocked out for roughly 15 seconds, however that can easily be changed in the file.



Some melee weapons do more damage and will still kill you.

Download and Installation

To use, simply put the unzipped folder in your server resources folder, then add knockout to your auto start resources in citmp-server.yml

Download v1.0

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Let me know if you find any bugs or have ideas for other features.

[Request] Script for fighting that you wont die

Thanks for this script ! Can we do the same for weapon shot ? I tried so things but no one working


I got knocked out by weapon with this script x)


Is it possible to make it so the 1st time you get knocked out its only 10 seconds but every time you get knocked out it’s 10 seconds longer? So 1st: 10 2nd: 20 3rd: 30? And after that you die instead of being knocked out. Thanks for this by the way


ok so ive got the script working but i feel as if my character gets knocked out way too easy… its like after the first time i get knocked out when i get back up the npc is constantly able to knock me out again and again… would be good if someone could help me change the knock out animation so theres less chance of getting KO’D