[Release] PingKicker - A strike based system



After a few players informed me that they were being kicked as soon as their ping hit over the set limit I decided to quickly write a strike based ping kicking system.

The config is self explanatory:

Config = {
	limit = 200, -- Strike a player after going over this ping
	maxStrikes = 5, -- Amount of strikes it takes to be kicked
	checkInterval = 2000, -- (ms) Every two seconds

Feel free to improve on this and contribute to the GitHub repository below.

Click here to download the latest release.

If you need any support, feel free to join my Discord where I’ll try my best to help with any issues: https://discord.gg/SXs6yZ7



Hi, thank you for this release man, anyway. i have a problem with the script.

When a player reach the ping limit (300ms in my server), he get kicked, but some others players get kicked too… Last time, 6 people got kicked, but only one got 300+ ms.

Could you please tell me if there is something to do? Thank you.



Latest release now fixes this, currently it gets their final ping when they are kicked, this could be lower than what they were originally kicked for as obviously ping changes every ms, the client now send their last ping when kicking.