[Release] OpenCAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) [Demo] [Open Source] [GNU GPL v3]



It was a design decision. We did that so that people could the oc_GTAV_data.sql and use is as a template for other games if the wish. This way the wouldn’t have to strip out all the GTA V data and then put in the data they want.

Thank you lending a hand.


You’re welcome, Morgrhim.


You’re welcome, Phill.


But can I host it local? In xmapp then htdocs?n


If I want to host this local. Can I do it trought XAMPP? And then put the whole cad in htdocs?


Yes, but keep in mind:


So I’ve got the files installed into my cPanel, made an SQL DB for it and got a domain. When I set the BASE_URL to my domain, even with a subdomain too, it won’t redirect or load the CAD at all.


Mine is working fine, however if I become a cop, I cannot use the Assign button. I was wanting to use this in case of no dispatchers that way cops can assign themselves calls. It works if you back out and go in as a dispatcher but as a cop I cannot assign myself a call, even though there is a button right there to do it. It just does nothing.


Looking For Some One Who Knows How To Setup This Up As I Am Not Very Good At Websites.
Discord: Tyler#7991


Maybe to much to ASK for,

But is it possible to get an connection between fivem te game en the opencad site?

So you can ASK info of an incident? And it writed it in chat


Ive added a SSL certificate to my Website and now the CAD is completly broken, my other php sites work tho.

common ?


Quick question, we have our CAD up and running but just need to ask a couple questions.

  1. How do we enable just the civilian access
  2. How do we enable this to be able to be displayed in game?