[Release] OpenCAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) [Demo] [Open Source] [GNU GPL v3]



I wish that was the case. I have reinstalled 3 times… Still no luck… Look at this screen shot… you will see it’s trying connect to .23 instead of .140




On Discord you have to add the reaction that you have read the rules and that will open everything up. The best place for help is https://help.opencad.io/


Hey how about that. Lol. Yeah it opened up for me now.


Add please chat for all teams.


Needed to reinstall this, but Win guide on wiki doesn’t work. Could anyone fix it, please? :slight_smile: https://guides.opencad.io/alldoc/installation-guides/specialized-installation-guides/install-guide-xampp-windows


your install guide is missing and i need help installing this on windows 10 with XAMPP


They know about it. Delete everything in htdocks (XAMPP directory), copy all from downloaded folder of openCAD

From there follow this video


Is it possible to remove departments? My community currently only has the State Trooper department


You would have to go into the code and remove them. Although you just don’t have to give anyone access to the department.


True, I just don’t want it to show when people register in the cad, I’ll remove it from there, thanks :smiley:


Do you know what I would have to replace to remove these? Can’t find the list anywhere in the code


i finally got it working, until i tried to log in. can someone please help me?
I get this error, don’t know how to fix it.79da7952c93bb9146104e11752413a8d


Nice cad but I’m trying to access your demo preview but none of the demo accounts work.


The demo is live once again. Some people just can’t seem to leave well enough alone. https://demo.opencad.io/


For everyone that has reported that the XAMPP guide is broken we have two things to say:

Updated XAMPP Guide: Our new Support Manager is working on rewriting the XAMPP guide from scratch and making sure it’s current with the latest release of OpenCAD.

Using XAMPP: We do not recommend using XAMPP in a production deployment. XAMPP is designed for development. Their website even say this so please respect that.


I have downloaded the latest release/production listed on github, and cannot find the file openCAD_initialization.sql to import into my database. I do, however, have a folder called sql with three files. I can’t find any reference to this change in sql files, and was wondering if there is documentation for the change and any required order for these imports.


The first thing to import is oc_structure.sql, this creates the required tables for OpenCAD to work.
oc_GTAV_data.sql and oc_Users.sql can both be imported after this, it doesnt matter which if GTAV data or oc_users go first. I also have no idea why they separated the sql into three files, seems kinda like a hassle for people to import it, but whatever lmao


Thank you much sir! (20)