[Release] /onduty 🚓


Base Script
Old Base Script topic
Coming Soon
Loadout Image
Free Textures
Admin/Owner Vehicle

/onduty will change your skin to : “S_M_Y_COP_01”
and add tear gas, combat pistol, stun gun, pump shotgun, carbine rifle, night stick and a flashlist to your inventory

Copy the “onduty” folder to your resources and add it to server.cfg
Dont Forget To Add Suggestions!!

Download :

[Release] [Police Management] Police System
[Release] Loadout & Commands! 💪
[REQUEST] Loadout script
[RELEASE] FireFighter Onduty
[REQUEST] Basic Loadout Script

Please please please use RegisterCommand, you could shrink this down to only use a client side file this way and it would be much smaller


Whitelist in the future?

it would be cool to whitelist the command so only certain people can use it.


Is this comptatible with vRP???


honestly this is a old af release, pepole requested it so i ReReleased it…*not gonna update it anymore
the updated version is Base Script…


tbh i dont think ill ever update this script…


i think it should… it works on fx server


Mor vehiculs



type or paste code here


Script simmilar to this (for fire) option to spawn cars.
Configurable for police

No promo. Just saying because this isnt updating anymore


so i can post my script on your topic? Thanks!


Anyway you could make it so i speak a car too? Like sheriff4?


may i have permision to edit the code to add a whitelist feature?
i would go somewhere else and ask for help…
just want to make sure its okay with you…


what do you mean ?


if u re upload it credit me tho