[Release] OCRP Community Releases



It might have been DOJ. I remember seeing a fuel truck used to fuel a helicopter. My issue right now is my fuel system relies on fuel pumps and I need a way to get one at the airports but I don’t know how to make a custom map.


Download map editor or menyoo for singleplayer off gta5mods, make the map with props. When you are finished save it as an xml. Then use the xml to ymap program on gta5mods, import your xml, export as a ymap. Drag that new file into OpenIV and done. You have a ymap. Add it to a stream folder and make sure you fill in the __resource.lua correctly. Make sure to start the resource in your server.cfg. If you want to find props that are default in game use codewalker.


Well I took your advise and followed all instructions but dinput8.dll crashes the game.


Then you will either have to verify your game integrity or reinstall it.


It turns out that Scripthook v needs to be updated due to the latest minor patch. Foud out on lcpdfr


That’s DOJ’s they use a unreleased Stealthfuel script and they have a custom fuel truck model, hope that answered your comment.


I seem to be having issues getting the ymap to work correctly, I assume it’s to do with my __resources.lua file. how is this supposed to look like?

my console is giving the error “Could not open resource metadata file”


Put this as your __resources.lua

resource_manifest_version ‘77731fab-63ca-442c-a67b-abc70f28dfa5’

this_is_a_map ‘yes’


I have that set as my resources.lua - and I am still getting an error of “can’t load the resource”


I just straight use codewalker to make my ymaps. No single player, exporting, importing, using OpenIV… Just create the ymap in codewalker, then save as a ymap. Done.


Thanks for releasing these! :smiley:
Hopefully you guys will upload the other YMAPs like the Sandy Shores improvements at some point as well :+1:


Anyone having issues with scratchoffs ? i can use the item just throw it away.


put it in your database and the item in the shops client main.lua. The item must be listed in your shops.


the taximeter wont´t work at my server


Quick question.
I have noticed you guys have a lot of billboards in the server. Where can I get a similar mod? I don’t require all of those billboards though. :joy: Someone is makes tons through that advertising.


Can we have the old sheriff vehcles


@ocrp i was wondering how you developed the the panel people download to connect to your guys sevrer if you could let me know that would be great


you should release your shop script


Do you guys ever plan to release a version of your guys cad?


Why not just be original and make your own… cads are a dime a dozen. Also, be thankful for what’s public create something that’s unique not something like doj or ocrp. They are great communities but do something that stands out.