[Release] Object Loader (loads map .xml files)


I can not read the Bible as a heavy! rather you ask nicely and very professional video easier then I ask you? I want to indulge watch youtube then I’m doing ok?






Look REAL ??


it is impossible to load map xml he certainly lie! I do not know really useless doing it in vain! mta appearance in San Andreas Another good solution is clear! Another Object-Loader very cheated or something. Ask him what false-loader object do?

I want to watch your video hozzni evidential clear how it works, and server auto xml Loading game will be better for you. I did not see anywhere youtube video written, no one can do!


Object Loader loads map xml files full problems!
private server ok game test no load map WTF!!!
It also comes with a teleport handler (use /mtp in the chat to view teleports) and has some API calls.

Some example maps are included in the [examples] folder.

To use, start the object-loader resource, an object resource (like stunt-chiliad) and optionally the object-teleports resource.

how to ???

game started looking and text… load map none WTF

Object loader idiot!


@rarojaguar, perhaps you need a proper english lesson before doing all this.


It’s working fine… thanks
@root could please make it load vehicles too?
this is the only bad thing.


You could load vehicles through your map manager.


Could you tell me how?


Hi and well done @root for this awesome contribution, Correct me if i am wrong, but i remember from the early days that things like the accelerator strips ect ect, where classed as vehicles, however if this is the case and the script cant load vehicles or peds then how is it working for some and not others?, and then if my theory is correct the implementation of said vehicles and peds should fix the issue,

Just my 2 Cents.


i make the examples work, but i would like install some map editor’s xml, copied a folder from example and replaced the xml with the map.xml name, but i not work, what can i do?


somebody can give me a little help with this please?


please, help me, i need a xml map on my server, but can’t make it work, the examples are ok, but the ones i downloaded isn’t working, help please @Boss


makes me unable to join my server with a ERR_FIL_COMMON error :confused:


sad… nobody help…


I can’t seem to get other maps to work either after adding the teleport coordinates it still won’t load. Only the example maps work for me.


same here… plese somebody can help us?


Stunt servers from SAMP are coming back! :smiley:


err_fil_common can be caused by another script interfeering with it or you midav reached the resource limit on the server it self


the example map’s work but i cant get any other map to load. Can You run more then 1 at a time? I tried to load 2 Example map’s but it crashes.


same here…