[Release] Object Loader (loads map .xml files)


@GanjaMonster Disable some resources and it will work.


i tried even made sure i redownloaded the proper server etc there might be something else causing the issue tho i will mess with it 2morro but it will probably conflicts with 1 script or something


@COndor said in [Release] Object Loader (loads map .xml files):

@Boss I have shound’t that be the case? How else can it recognize the dash command?

It auto does? If used the correct way to execute commands.


Can you make a tutorial on how to make your custom files?

I tried doing it but it wouldn’t detect the files


1 question, can we delete the green booster things? they dont work and we cant get pass through them. thanks for the script


@basar_basar Are u on pirate version or something? For me they work just fine.


i got retail and having issues also could be something else going on


We didn’t create these examples. Next to that, some objects might have the wrong collision settings. Not much we can do about that… you would need to find support with Guadmaz since he made the actual map editor.


try some of these just make sure there in xml https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/tags/map-editor


@COndor I’m not a pirate and it doesn’t work for me either.


Make sure you add a teleportation point or the map won’t work I noticed.


@Boss Nice! I will try that.


@Boss I’m using this one https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/procopio-international-airport and I’ve followed all of your steps that you posted above earlier, but /mtp gives me the “No Object Loader teleports loaded” message, and also when I use the teleport-to-marker function on the Enhanced Reborn Trainer when I put my marker there where the airport should be (Up north, near Mt. Chiliad.), it’s just not there. I’ve put object-loader, object-teleports and ProcopioINTL in the citmp-server.yml.
Did I do something wrong?


Awesome job, are the next updates gonna load vehicles and peds too?


I really need some help on this. I would love to use this extra airport on my server. My apologies if I sound like a complete retard but I’m a noob in these kind of things… ;-;


Add an teleport point to the map.


Please put the code in a pastebin.


Code in a pastebin…? Omg I’m feeling really stupid right now, sorry.




And what actual “code” should I put in? My citmp-server.yml?