[Release] Not Wanted



This script disables Wanted Levels for all players serverwide.

Download is here


  1. Go to your server directory
  2. Open up your server.cfg
  3. add:
    start NotWanted
  4. Open your resources directory
  5. Extract the downloaded zip into this directory
  6. Turn on the server


Moved it for you.


Thank You.


CitMP? Are you living in the past or something lol?


There ya go all changed, The Installation Bit Was Something I Made In Notepad Ages Ago :wink:


More Scripts Being Released Soon!


:thinking: Where is the difference :thinking:


I did use the template of his post but I have had this code for a long time i made it with a friends help and decided to release it,


But the only thing you changed it this line: Citizen.Wait(3000)

So, whats the point of re-releasing a still working resource?


I didnt know it was the same code, as a said me and my friend coded it ages ago
Also people may not see the resource and see this one?


Oh, ok I misunderstood you.

BTW. No hate ^^ It is always nice to see people release stuff :slight_smile:


aha thanks buddy. :slight_smile:



I’ve installed the resource but my wanted level still goes up. Am I supposed to be changing something?