[Release] No Reticle / Reticle Disabler 1.0



Basic script to disable the reticle when you aim in with any weapon (with the exception of snipers). Made this to add realism rather than being able to pop someone in the head with one bullet.







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Remove crosshair?
Im look plugins
Need Help Getting NoCrosshair + Increased Non-DLC pistol fire rate mod working

YES!!! I have been waiting so long for someone to release a script like this. Good shit bro!


is there a way to make this check for hexid’s and if your hex id is in the list then it wont remove it.


As of right now this is not possible with NoReticle.


is it not possible at all or just with how this is codded.


It would be possible if I implemented it, however I do not have much time to work on coding at the moment.


working in vrp? (20 charac


Should be compatible with all frameworks/vanilla.


With ACE, yes.
I’m busy so I won’t bother testing this but it should work:

	local isSniper = false
	while true do

    	local ped = GetPlayerPed(-1)
		local currentWeaponHash = GetSelectedPedWeapon(ped)

		if currentWeaponHash == 100416529 then
			isSniper = true
		elseif currentWeaponHash == 205991906 then
			isSniper = true
		elseif currentWeaponHash == -952879014 then
			isSniper = true
		elseif currentWeaponHash == GetHashKey('WEAPON_HEAVYSNIPER_MK2') then
			isSniper = true
			isSniper = false

		if not isSniper then
			if not IsPlayerAceAllowed(source, 'reticle') then

Grant the ‘reticle’ ACE permission to players whom you want to have reticles.
Add this to your server.cfg:

add_ace identifier.steam:SteamHexHere reticle allow

Or for all admins, for instance:

add_ace group.admin reticle allow


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How do i install for fiveM?