Release no longer public


release no longer public.

Release no longer public. 2
Release no longer public. 3

Great Model! Keep it up!


You need to add the template cause I dont think some people will know how to find it, but lucky me I do know how to find it.


Great Model! Keep Up The Great Modeles!


Update v1.1

Added the template onto the forum, expect a v1.2 with working license plates.

Current projects

2012 Chevy Silverado Unmarked
2014 Dodge Charger Marked (Liberty ll)
2018 Dodge Charger Marked (Liberty ll)


Nice I like it :slight_smile: good job


is it possible if you could include the vehicles.meta and the carvariations.meta so we can make custom spawn codes?


nvm this ain’t even a addon


You are aware you can make it an add on yourself right?


It doesn’t even have carcols.meta because I’m trying to get this with all blue lights but if there is no carcols there is no reflecting lighting effects on buildings so i can’t use this vehicle. Or there needs to be a fix to get carcols.


You guy’s can make your own Carcols, Carvars, and Vehicle Metas it’s not hard…


Looks great with a custom skin


Here’s it with a admin livery!


please commit end game, admin skins is the worst fucking thing I’ve ever seen. It’s worse then you downloading DOJ, and XBR models.


I think ive just went blind and retarded at the same time after seeing an admin car


Listen here you little admin supporting shit.