Release no longer public. 3


Great pack, place it in my server an everyone loved it. Alot of them asked me if there was a Crown Vic too.
Maybe that would be a cool addition to it? They also loved the consistency every car had the same setup!
((They told me to suggest this vic also :stuck_out_tongue:))


You cannot use those cars on a fivem server, it will be blacklisted…you can use them only if you bought them from XBR410…just saying…anyway thanks for the cars, you did a great job!


Yeah… Cause FiveM is going to blacklist all of the largest servers that all use XBRs models…okay…

Anyways… @OfficialV, I didn’t download the vehicles because I don’t need any right now, but I wanted to comment on the appreciation of the skins on them. Great job!


To be honest, I’m really fucking upset with FiveM. They say we can’t make money off of the game but they have their own Patron? I mean it’s not paying for server costs. I just this that shit is rarded. Let XBR make his shit, he spends days and weeks making his models, same with anyone else that makes models make a living.


Why would you be able to sell your hard work in 2018? Did i miss the joke or somthing? :joy::rofl:


Someone leaked XBR410’s shit on the forums and it’s complete and utter disrespect.


Great release man, excited to see more work from you, keep the good shit up :fire::muscle:t3:


For your next pack, Please do a San Andres State Police!


More Non-ELS models. Keep up the great work :+1:


What is the spawn code for the slicktop tahoe?


Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll do a SASP pack soon, I got a few lined up for public release and I’ve been working on TXDPS shit

Thanks for the amazing feedback!

Spawn name should be tahoe2 by default.

Sorry for late replied I got banned for continuing drama on the XBR releases because FiveM don’t know how to take stolen shit down.


Yeah i got it, developer can you please contact me? join our discord thanks.


Great models man! 10/10, i am a modeler myself and you are doing a terrific job!


Hot & Spicy
We managed to finally stop those damn skaters and hipsters from stealing our vehicles.
Amazing vehicles my guy, thank you.
And just for you babe here are some pictures:


All Blue FPIS @OfficialV


Great pack, love all blues. I don’t own a server but if you want some high quality cars here is your man lol


stfu you steal XBR models @guccifrog


Lmao didn’t know they were his


I mean he charged 100 per Fire/ems Car and Clearly the person who leaked it was mad at Xbr because Xbr probably did something to the person that leaked it :thinking:


XBR is a friendly fucking guy, 100$ for weeks worth of work is not that bad.