[Release] nNPC PEDS V1.1



Hey, Before all thing, first thing first i share this script for people who are familiar with development
if you are uncomfortable with it don’t ask for support.

This script will help people to add more easy peds into your locations where you want to, and by this I simply add an anim option like this you will can give more life to your peds ! :smiley:



  • News Update:
  1. Condition to enable or disable animation for all peds added.

  2. Duplication of peds probably Fixed.


  1. Drag and drop the file into your ressources.

  2. Add it into your server.cfg.

  3. Into the config file, add your location, and anims if needed and voila !


nice job


works great with 1 person in the server as soon as more ppl join the NPCs double.

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How to disable animation?:cowboy_hat_face:

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Hey, thanks for your reply, can you try like this by changing the function create ped with this:

myPeds[“entity”] = CreatePed(4, myPeds[“hash”], myPeds[“x”], myPeds[“y”], myPeds[“z”] -1, myPeds[“h”], 0, 0)

what i do it’s only changing the isNetwork to false.
try like this, and give me some news.

Hey, i will post a new update, to add a condition to use with anim or without !

The animation include with their respective objects?
For example, when smoking, the cigar is visible

when will the update come?

The update, is release ! checkout the code.