[Release] News Advert Script



All credit goes to @ToniMorton for originally making the [RELEASE] TrafficAlert - A Traffic Broadcast System
I just edited the script.
Use /news to use script.

I made it the life invader because that was the closest thing to a news logo so its a social media logo…
And dont forget to go check out @ToniMorton once again for making the original script…


hope you enjoy this script and make rp more better for your server…



What is the original command that comes within this script?


Oh the command is /news and then a messege thing will pop up like dojs ad script


I have tried that, but is not working for some reason. Nothing comes on the screen as you mentioned


it works for me show me what file you put in the resources.


Here you go, my resource folder and the config.


it should work …


just do /news and thats it then something will pop up

  • Updated the Download Link