[Release][New] Admin/Mod Ped



im using it im my server @Photobox_2009 thanks


you put it on here with the risk that people will use it and say they made it. however the evedance is here on the forums


@ you? What???


i dont get what you are sayin g


What do you mean when you say @ mention me?


im not saying this cause i hate you, but the moment you posted your peds/cars on the forums you basiccaly said. “here use it its free”

if you dont want people to use your skins just dont post it.
what i think is that if you make something you should keep it for yourself to make your server look special… cant believe i said that to you…


Yea I said if you are going to use it mention me because I spend time making it so the least you can do is give credits and that isn’t only me that is everyone


Please keep this thread on topic. For all the mention stuff take it to PMs


dont worry im already done… with him


lol, People can make admin skins that look better and they won’t have to mention you. Sorry you posted it on a public forum and want credit. People steal credit everyday. I can bet that you have at least one thing on your server and you say your the creator of it when your not. So stop complaining about credits on your ugly admin skin and move on.


Ok solution to this that I have my skinning team do, is put a distinctive watermark that is extremely small, unnoticeable until opened in a texture editor. This way your branding is still on it but invisible. Easy It’s something I have been getting my team to do for a while now.


yea but you have a texture team i don’t


Keep it on topic please, keep the drama off the forums/this topic.


i wasnt talking to jake i was talking to faxes now when people talk off topic i flag and don’t talk to them like everyone should so


Still, drop the pointless argument.



After installing this my server won’t start, complaining about loading “‘data/vehicles.meta’” file. There is no data folder or vehicles.meta file included in your download.

I’m new to this, so my question is should I be installing another resource, of which your files replace? Or am I missing something here.

Thanks in advance.


Delete everything in the LUA and you will be good to go :slight_smile: it worked for me!


This is a good ped but when I tried to do it on my server I got this error

ERROR: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/452883065870614539/494845605466865674/unknown.png

PROOF THERE IS NO THING AS DATA IN THIS FILE: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/452883065870614539/494845645618675722/unknown.png


trash skins


Thank you :kissing_heart: