[Release][New] Admin/Mod Ped



its not the ped its the principal of credit but clearly both parties are in the wrong and in my opinion this should be closed instead of being derailed


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@StiXx, However you continued it… the last post was 2 days ago. Should have left it at that.


Just as a general statement, please refrain from drama and keep all conversations civilised. If you have an issue with anything, take it to pm.


Will be using your skin. Until i make one myself.


Your welcome
20 chraczter


can you make a moderator car that you can post cause I need one for my test server if you can thatd be great


I cant post anything aynmore i made things but can’t post


why cant you post anymore ?


idk that is the problem


:frowning: maybe make a new account? or ask the fivem devs


cause your content is really good


Thank You I lost my member and regular rank for no reasson


hmm well if you could dm me some of your content id love to use it


also idk if it was on purpose but the light bars on your 2015 admin Tahoe are red and don’t work but atleast the window lights work :slight_smile:


Nope but i now know what i did wrong i wont change it il just Release a better one later


hey when you release the Tahoe can you make it have the back side lights like on your moderator explorer that would be awesome youd be probably the first to do that… that’s not els


Makes everyone’s game crash, help pls?


its eaither because its not compatible anymore or its your server


I fixed it but I cant find it in cop male