[Release][New] Admin/Mod Ped



Hey I am the server Owner of FGRP (FastGamingRP) And i made a Ped for Admins and For Mods in the same skin

If you are using this ped please make sure to @mention me or just don’t use my ped.

Download Here.

Photos: Mod Ped 1 Mod Ped 2 Admin Ped 1

For more Photos go download it and you can add it in your game!!!

How to Download:
First download the file Drag and Drop into your resources Folder and then Into your server.cfg add the name of the File (you can change it). Then go into your server F1,Player,Playerskin,NPCS and then Cop male and have fun finding It :joy::wink:

Hey If you need more help you can join my discord Here.

> FastGamingRP Owner | Corentin A-0

[Release] Server Moderator / Admin / Admin Ped
Admin skin
[Release][CVPI][FiveM] FiveM Car for Server
Admin/Mod PED
I need admin stuff for FiveM

Why would people need to mention you in order to use this?! Seems like a bit much…


So that they know you made it because i went on a server i changed my name i saw my tahoe with admin skin i asked who made it and he said he did so now if they use it they really know who made it.


But when you say @mention me do you mean on Discord? Or here on the forums? Also, people can just… not… mention you…


They choose where and if they dont want to they make there self one or they mention me not hard


Hmmmm… your script, your rules… But I believe that ‘rule’ is quite ignorant and people will just not mention you, then use your skins anyway…


I mean yes true but if i find out i will make them take it off and then if they dont il just report them i think that if i make a skin its atleast to get some credit


well they shouldn’t have to mention you perhaps with the whole @ and all that but they should at least give proper credit to proper people ask for credit not mentions, also if you made the car then add something that you know where what how you did so nobody else sees it and then you know if its yours or not cuz they couldav got a similar model on the web and used ur skin just saying


Well thats kinda what i wanted to do so Il take your Idea THANK YOU


I understand you want acknowledgement but…

  1. You’re posting on a forum releasing your code.
  2. You can’t make anyone really take anything off per say. You can ask but I doubt people would remove it just because you said so.
  3. I don’t think reporting them will do anything really. Since you posted it to the public etc. I could be wrong on this one but who would you report them to? FiveM? They wouldn’t care. Everyone can do whatever on their servers unless it breaks the TOS which again I could be wrong but I don’t see anyone from FiveM suspending someone’s IP because they didn’t give your name out.

I have no desire at least at this moment to even use something like that but don’t see how you can do some of the things you said really. People create new things that appear to be alike or whatever all the time like Ganja said.

But best of luck in the modding. :smiley:


Not suspende there IP just tell them to remove it because no one will listen to a member but they will listen to Regulars or leaders


FiveM will do nothing to do with that, it would be your responsibility if you so wish to tell them to remove it.


Oh well il find a way dont worry :wink:


Just FYI, the “Admin” ped already is being used by SOSA and has been for months. So, dont come here claming its yours. Yes, maybe you did make this, yet you weren’t the first. No hate, just sayin…


Well if i cant do anything that sosa has does that mean i cant own a server ? Everytime i try doing something you sosa admin come and Say UH My server has that


Thats kinda because im French so for me there is no difference between Maintence and maintenance still get the same sound and again if your team/server SOSA is only going to talk shit you guys can f off you guys think you are the best and you only have things that no one has.


Ok first of all lets get one thing straight for you and this SOSA guy in here THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO HAVE THESE CONVERSATIONS take it up with each other via PM we are here to help not piss on each other releases and discriminate each other so please refrain your selves from that, Second if you don’t like something or you think something is stolen please contact the server owners and request them to take it off for not giving credit or changing your release, no need to make posts about it only goes downhill


I have seen David complain about this before, it’s not even his PED, does he credit rockstar? NO


good eye and that should be credited also, even if its from rockstar still give them credit they made it they deserve it doesn’t matter how bad it is make it better give credit where it needs to go and then people won’t get mad


Am I missing something here? It’s just a ped, a ped most servers won’t use because they already have a ped for this. Called police. Not crap talking anyone’s work just saying, this thread is like someones arguing over the “holy ped” or something.