[Release] nameOfPlayers v.1 / Get Name of players in database!



This script is for you GTA V server on FiveM.

FIRST : You have to edit your database and set a new column in table USERS :

  • Name of the column : Nom
  • VARCHAR / 60 / NULL


  • EDIT "server.lua’ to enter your personal informations to connect to your database !


  • You can connect to your server and look in your database, it’s work ! You have in column ‘Nom’ your Steam Name.

Now restart your server. When a player enter in your server, his name is register
in your database. It’s more friendly when you have lot of players on your server
and when you want identify them more quickly !!

if you are a developer and would like to contribute any help is welcome!

For the moment, I prefer share little script like this to help guys who didn’t know lua and want some help.
You’ll find all the informations of my script in the README.txt

nameOfPlayers.rar (1.1 KB)

[Release] Get Player Name in your database ! (MySQL) Updated for Essential mode 5

thxxx very useful :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:
Nice job.


Thank you dude. You’re my love <3

Great job ! :yum:

Ps :

Are you french baby ?


Thanks for your report ! Yes I’m french :wink:


Doesn’t work. I made a little modification, it’s better now :smiley:

On top of the server.lua

require "resources/essentialmode/lib/MySQL"
MySQL:open("localhost", "gta5_gamemode_essential", "root", "password")


Oh yes I forget ! So sorry ! It’s because i have the script in an other file on my server ! I will update, thanks :wink:


No problem ahah, baguette help another baguette ! :wink:


You mean “users” database ? And to add a new column : Name / int / 60 / null ?


getting this error


Update: working now just had to get DB table right


Yes, in table users add a new colum : Nom / VARCHAR / 60 / NULL



Works percfect thanks


Nom varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL


thanks for this, it’s perfect :slight_smile:


For those of you who also need names in “bans” etc… just add the same column in the “bans” table or whatever the hell your table is.


Is it me or this script doesnt work anymore ?


It’s you, read the README and add column in your database, edit the informations to connect to your database. That’s it


Well mate , I don’t know why then . As you can check here :

  • Database has the correct form :

  • Server.lua has been modified so it connects to my ddb :

Thanks in advance for your help


is their away to get this to work with couchdb?