[Release] MySQL Async Library - v3.0.0 Fxserver




Since yesterday i work for the first time on a server for the game FiveM.

I wanted to install Cops_FiveM what also needed MySQL.

This error i cannot figure out what i did wrong.

Already one time i delete all database.

[ERROR] [MySQL] An error happens on MySQL for query "SELECT rank,dept FROM police WHERE identifier = 'steam:1100001006a4aef' {@identifier=steam:1100001006a4aef}": You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ',dept FROM police WHERE identifier = 'steam:1100001006a4aef'' at line 1


just tick your stuff properly.


What you mean, the MYSQL software?


Release: 3.0.0

Since the lack of “doesn’t work”, I highly recommend everyone updating mysql-async to 3.0, if they run their server on a windows system.

On linux you should stick with a 2.X version.


@zr0iq why cant you make it work on linux?


Linux has some weird issues with v8 / node. It is not maybe not garbage collecting, thus your servers would go out of memory sooner or later. If you run on low query counts for like 4h-6h before rebooting the fivem server, it might be fine (on newer builds post 760). And I got some report of potential freezes, which I could not confirm on a newer version (a 778 build).


Using the 3.0 on windows gives me this message on start up

Error loading script mysql-async.js in resource TODO: TypeError: global.exports is not a function
TypeError: global.exports is not a function
at Object. (mysql-async.js:5058:8)
at webpack_require (mysql-async.js:20:30)
at mysql-async.js:84:18
at mysql-async.js:87:10
Failed to load script mysql-async.js.


Which server version are you running?

Make sure you are running one of the newest versions:



updating worked! thanks a lot :slight_smile: