[Release] MySQL Async Library - 3.0.8



this happens in the packet parser. Which db version were you using?

and it would be nice to know on which query.


Still using Mysql Version : 5.7.23

And the query is done on that part of the code, it doesn’t tell me which line tho.
I just know it’s when it try to get the daily or montly record


Update to 3.0.5

  • DateTime, DateTime2, Timestamp, Timestamp2, Date, Year should now behave properly. Is cast to ms, not to seconds.
  • Time, Time2 are currently not parsed.
  • It should be STABLE now on Linux without any leakage.
    Many thanks to @Doacola for running tests showing stable ram.


Someone can help me because after I updated the script is looking like this error for me on the console and my gcphone is no longer sending sms and every time I give that same error.


sms and arrived, but only after I rebooted the server, could someone help me in this problem please


I made the same way as the explanation, above and worked for the messages plus the error continues in the console, but I noticed that the error give every time a player enters the server


run it please with set mysql_debug 1 see on which query the packet error appears.

tell me your database version (mysql / mariadb) and the actual version.

send me the schema of the table you are querying.

then I can actually try and start fixing it. As “i got an error” does very often not help.


le passing here what I found with set mysql_debug 1


using Mariadb 10.1.36 from Xampp, because Maria.DB does not even pick up this josa


I am not seeing the error pop up yet. in your screenshots.


And when I call, I’ll hit some more prints here for you.


You can start the server via powershell and use tee for a log.



it is the owned_properties/properties call. May you link me a github repository for it? it is a total mess.

Also it is many queries in one, which does not seem to work anymore.



I’m using this latest version available


I am not seeing the query in there. It is this one.

SET @ownedProperties = (SELECT...); SET @gateways = (SELECT gateway...); SELECT name FROM properties WHERE name = ownedProperties AND gateway = @gateways OR name = @gateways AND gateway IS NULL or name = @ownedProperties and gateway IS NULL;

I wanted to do a PR on that resource.


do not have that query, no, I’ve tried it from top to bottom and I did not find it zr0iq


just know to tell me where to add this query zr0iq because it does not have there


This is the query that results in an error, I do not know which resource it is from. So I cannot give you a solution, you would need to find it yourself.

Then I can help you.