[Release] My version of es_robberies [updated]



Can you send a screenshot?


I cant get the money


How do i change the reward to dirt money? (I have the dirty money item created with vrp)


Im having a problem where the timer stops at about 10 seconds when robbing a bank, it says the player gets the money, but no money is given. Im running an ESX server and I get this error in my console that says:

“ERROR: There seems to be an issue while adding money, a different type then number was trying to be added.”

Does anyone know how to resolve this?


hello, i install the script and do everything how i think you are meant to do it (probably wrong) but then when i connect to the server, there is no icon for the banks, and there is no option to rob it, the only thing that shows on the map is ATM’s not banks, anyone know why? thanks in advance


I get the same error. I am using esx


Does anyone have more coordinates for es_bank? I’m looking to add at least the Fleeca on Route 68 by Harmony.


not sure if this helps anyone

change for both bank and shops…

i get money but when i change to dirty it don’t give, so i left to just getting money oh well
i tried all different ways but didn’t give dirty money don’t know y…


update on y only gives money but change to dirty money wont give?


Hi, im just wondering why i dont get my monies when i rob a bank or a store, it says it in the chat but i dont get any cash, or money in the bank or dirty cash.
Im just wondering how i can fix this. Also this comes up when in done with the robbery


i tried to rob bank and store but they end suddenly without an money? is there a fix for this?


What should i do if i complete this robbery and this only says on news Roberry done, you received: 150000, but i dont received it?


Oh it started working i get 150000 money, but idk why it not giving dirty money? What should i do?


How did you made it compatible with the money stuff?


Has anyone got a copy that will deposit ESX money? I just can’t figure out how to get past xPlayer being a nil value.


Everything works,except i dont get the money,any reason why?


To add a DrawMarker alert to a specific point, let the player know.


Anyway we can get the stores to be random amounts of money. I have tried next to reward. reward = math.random (700, 7000) problem is I cant get to tell me the correct number i robbed in the chat. Thanks in advance.


after robbing a bank or a store I don’t get the money. I get this error Untitled5


how do i make it so there has to be 5 police on to rob a bank