[Release] Multi Picture Loading Screen [1.0]



Multi Picture Loading Screen By FAXES

This is a loading screen which I have been making in spare time for a while now and is finally being released for you! This loading screen gives you the ability to use multiple images that will choose at random on join. Its a bit like my Musical Loading Screen but with images instead of the music. This is very basic and has no big special features. In the near future I might make a cross between my Musical Loading Screen and this one.

Again this loading screen just displays an image at random and has no music or on screen writing

NOTE : This loading screen is designed to have more than 1 image. It’s designed for multiple.

In the Download


None. This is a standalone script.


In terms of pictures it’s hard as it is what ever you define it as. So I won’t add pictures here because it’s just a loading screen.

Planned Feature(s)

  • Add resource hosted images version

Install like any other loading screen.

To edit images you must upload the image onto a public accessible server (Eg: http://mydomain.com/picture1.jpg). Change the images by editing index.html, near the top will be a list of example links replace then with yours and your done.

I will expand this installation process into a Wiki (when its not 3am).

If you can’t host the images yourself. DM me on discord (FAXES#8655) and I may help you.

Further Support
If you have any issues or comments please put them below. :framed_picture:


Screenshots would be nice


My god, thank you so much.


Its said above why there’s no screen shots


Amazing work as always my friend!


Thanks :slight_smile: :heart: